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Frank is the creative partnership of Pam West and Matt Edmonds. They established their London based design studio in 2001 having worked together informally for some time after studying Furniture Design at Buckinghamshire College.

Franks approach can be defined as a way of thinking allowing them the flexibility to work within various fields of design ranging from furniture and products to exhibition design and interior projects. As such they have worked with a diverse range of clients creating products and furniture for brands including Established & Sons, Thorsten Van Elten, Heals and Markus Lupfer.

While their designs often express a complex simplicity and they share both a respect for industrial elegance and the desire to design for industrial production their practice is detached from design pre-occupied with style. Rather they believe that each project defines its own method creating its own unique outcomes to which they employ a rigorous pragmatism combined with imagination. The importance of ideas is crucial to Frank and remains at the core of every project.